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Orisha's little rant


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The yankees scored their 1st run (which tied the game) on a walk issua by Beckett with the bases loaded. I've seen the replay of the pitch countless times and it is a pitch that it's usually called a ball, however in the same at bat the pitch that was called for strike 2 was the mirror image of ball 4. At least three other times in the game was a pitch just like that ball 4, or even lower in the strikezone, called for a strike. One of those 3 pitches called for strike that were very simmilar to ball 4 was in the very next inning and was called for strike 3; I don't know if you guys got the same impression as me, but it seemed as a "make up" call by the ump. Usually I don't have a complain as to how big or small an ump's strikezone is because truely it is up to the ump himself to stablish one, but I do have a problem when there's no conssistency in the way a game is being call. If you are Pudge or Beckett in that situation and throw the same pitch twice, once called a strike and another a ball, you really don't know what to do, all of a sudden you don't know what a ball or a strike is because the umpire is not being conssistent with the calls. It is very likely (in fact, I'm sure) that we would have lost the game either way, but it shouldn't go unnotice.

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If josh wouldve gotten out of that inning, many things wouldve probably changed


you cant take for granted that in the 8th they were going to score, and in the 9th Boone was going to hit a HR and Bernie Williams Also.


Our hitters mightve been inspired, or wouldve felt "better" if josh got out of that inning without allowing that run to score.


Josh was holding the Yankees down, it couldve been a CG shutout if you think about it. The yanks really never got something started until that inning against Josh.


Also i heard that when Matsui got HBP he had his foot in front of the plate which is a big no no. I dont know cause i was at the game but i heard about that.


i blame the team for not capitalizing on a very weak Mussina. And dont put the blame on jack, cause i remember that in one of the Phillies game in which Josh started he had a 6 or 5 run lead and they started to hit Josh hard around the 7th or 8th inning and they almost tied it up if Fox wouldnt have saved his hide.


I remember how this board went up in flames on how jack shouldve taken out Josh and how you never leave a pitcher in that long and blah blah blah.


just calm down and take it day by day.

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Whatever the excuses, the Marlins pitching staff melted down at the end and the offense could not get it done against a very, very hittable Mussina. Right now, the Yankees are getting all the breaks in this series - 3 DPs against Petite. They arent pretty, but they are winning the games right now. The Marlins have got to treat tonight's game like it is Game 7. Since Game 1, they have been hapless.

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