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Patience is a f***in' virtue


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details please


A customer came in today to change his rate plan because he had been going over his minutes. He was on our old national plan. On our old national plans, you could use your phone anywhere in the country, but there was one catch. Your unlimited incoming and nights and weekends only applied in the local footprint, so when you were roaming, your using your minutes regardless of time of day or incoming. Now, with our current national plans, those unlimited incoming and nights and weekends apply anywhere in the country, roaming or not. So I was going to switch him over to the new version because it was cheaper, gave him more minutes, and he would be able to use his unlimited incoming and N&W anywhere. The thing was, he didn't have his bill with him and I wanted to make sure the overage was caused because he didn't have those features and not because he was just calling everyone under the sun. What good is unlimited features if the minutes your using aren't even coming from that?


So I called up customer service to ask if his N&W and Incoming did apply nation wide, would he have still gone over his minutes. The woman I got must have been new because she kept messing up what I asked and I had to explain everything to her. Eventually, after seven or eight minutes, I get her to do what I want, sort of (it was a long process getting that far). She finally figures out what I'm asking her to do (and to be honest, I could not have possibly been anymore clear) and she gives me the amount of incoming he used. However, since she didn't specify and she seemed to be having so much trouble, I figured I better verify it, so I asked her if she gave me the incoming that counted against his minutes or his total incoming. She tells me none of his incoming counted because incoming is all the same. So I very calmly explained to her how the old plans worked and how they were much different than the new plans and she had the gall to argue with me and tell me I was wrong. So I explained it to her another four or five more times (no joke) and she still didn't get it and persisted to argue. Finally, I just said thank you and hung up.


My customer was amazed with my patience and actually applauded me for it. A call that should've lasted a minute and a half lasted over 11 minutes. I have been doing this job for over six years. I know the plans inside and out, including ones that were discontinued before I started. The funny thing was, if she had just given me the incoming minutes he used while roaming like I had asked in the beginning and not gone off looking up rate maps and then later arguing how the plans worked with me, the call would've taken a minute and a half.

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