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Fins for Sale, and Fish Deadlines


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First time poster, long time reader. I have a question for you folks.


We all know the Marlins have to be out of Dolphin Stadium after the 2010 season. But with the news out that Wayne H may sell the stadium, does that open the door for a new owner to potentially extend the life of the Marlins lease in the event that plans for a new stadium hit a snag? There has been some discussion in a couple threads that the OB site is being pursued because it would expedite the construction making the 2011 deadline pheasible. Perhaps a one year extension on the lease would open up other site options for the team.




Also, have any of you ever wondered how things would have turned out if Wayne had kept the Marlins, and the stadium, but sold the Dolphins? If that were the case, would it not be the Dolphins partially funding Marlin operations? A man can dream.

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At this point you really can't say. They may want the Marlins out of Dolphin Stadium just as bad as Wayne does or they may be willing to offer ownership a better lease that may (or may not) allow the City and County to come up with a better location. However by the Wayne does (if he does at all) sell the team, a deal and contract could already be in place with the Marlins to build the stadium at the Orange Bowl site and by that time it would already be too late.


If this all happened a year ago, we would probably have a more definate answer and may not even be staring at the OB site at all for a stadium. However here we are with two years left in the lease and new ownership or no new ownership, the Marlins are running out of time.

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