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  1. Pretty cool to look at the NL East standings in August and see the marlins sitting second place
  2. To be fair the Cardinals brass aren’t used to being questioned. They much prefer universal praise for their “way”
  3. So speaking specifically to the ability to host sporting events I remember it slightly more specifically. Italy was the first to hold events without fans as a result of the public health crisis. They started seeing positive tests among players and they suspended the season. Olympiakos (a Greek team) was playing Arsenal in London. Their owner tested positive and shortly after the Arsenal manager tested positive. This kicked off several days where leagues cancelled. This had a domino effect into the US where we had that NBA player test positive. The NCAA tournament cancelled. This all happe
  4. Could you elaborate because I remember it much differently than you seem to
  5. The response to this is in such stark contrast to the response we saw in March. All it took was a few positive tests in Italy in March and Serie A completely shut down. That had a cascading effect around the globe and within a week everything was closed. Fast forward four months and we lose half a team to positive tests and we plow forward. I’ll resist the urge to psychoanalyze why that is but it certainly didn’t take long for our sports organizations to change their mentality about playing at a price.
  6. I didn’t mean that it was a PR move. I just meant that the club just may have more invested in that particular group of guys in the minors so offering to pay them would be the obvious thing to do when you dealt away so many proven big leaguers to rebuild the farm system like ten minutes ago
  7. I can’t help but have a cynical opinion of this. The Marlins have a lot at stake with a big group of players that are minor league players. It would stand to reason that they’d want to do what it takes to stay in the good graces of that generation of players in the organization. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if we saw a division among ownership groups where others teams in a similar spot on the lifecycle as the marlins make the same choice
  8. @Das Texan i can’t add anything. Your original post was excellent.
  9. Indeed. And to compound the damage, all the time they spent reviewing architectural renderings for redesigns of the centerfield space distracted them from the metrics that would have lead them to making better deals. dISTraCtIOnS!!
  10. I have it on good authority that the tipping point in deciding to trade Yelich was the chlorine budget (too essential)
  11. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2020-zips-projections-miami-marlins/
  12. I’m not saying I like it. I don’t work in the paper industry but I would think they looked at clicks and impressions then made a decision based on that. Marlins stories probably garner less interest than they’d hope. I thought Wells was a good reporter. I really liked Healey when he was around. But if the traffic isn’t there and cuts have to be made...what can you do? It is a shame because there’s a shortage of quality marlins coverage even on the web when compared to other baseball teams and other local sports teams
  13. The position goes away but the assignments can still be handed out to someone else
  14. Just to answer my own premature question they had events there this week so...nothing yet on the grass. https://sunbeamwsvn.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/200124_marlins-park_opening_night_preps.jpg?quality=60&strip=color
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