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Willis agrees to 3 year deal


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I think being on that stacked offense alone, he'll get his wins... and yet his overall numbers will be ugly

What kind of numbers do you expect out of him?


I expect 600-650 innings with an ERA in the 4.00 neighborhood.


I think a few factors will help him. In the AL he'll actually face easier lineups than what he was facing in the NL. The Tigers play good D.. the Marlins play horrible D. Also, his deceptive delivery may allow him to fool some AL hitters that are not as familiar with it.


There's no way he faces easier lineups in the AL.

This past season 3 of his division rivals were in the top 10 in OPS and 3 of next season's division rivals were in the bottom 5.


Not only that, but I think people think the AL has the far better hitters but the AL's OPS was only .004 higher than the NL and that's with the DH... .004 in OPS points is nothing.


2 Philadelphia - .812

8 NY Mets - .775

9 Atlanta - .774

28 Washington - .715


11 Cleveland - .771

26 Chicago Sox - .722

27 Minnesota - .721

29 Kansas City - .710


American League - .760

National League - .756

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