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Century birthday party


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I'm planning a big birthday party for both my husband and I. Our birthdays are about 3 weeks apart and since we're both turning 50, I thought it would be cute for us to celebrate our "100th" birthday together. I'd be happy to hear any ideas anyone has pertaining to it. Obviously, the theme is 100 or a century. I plan on decorating with stuff from 1907 (100 years ago) and really making it special. I can include anything that has the word 'Century' in it.


I remember when my husband turned 40 and I didn't know what to get him. I made him a book entitled, "40 on 40". It was 40 pages worth of everything to do with 40. Sayings with the number 40 in them, the 40th state, the 40th Kentucky Derby winner, the 40th president & so on. I can do that with 50 as well. He really liked the book and has it to this day.


If you have any ideas, even small ones, I'd sure appreciate the help.

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Its not much of an idea, but I thought I'd chip in my 2 cents. I love this song, and its called 100 years, its about how you should cherish every moment of your life. Maybe you will both like it!!


Youtube Video



I was thinking of that. Isn't that Five for Fighting? It's an awesome song.

Yep, Five For Fighting. John Onstradisk (sp?) I believe was the writer/singer of the song. Great song. I can play it on the piano, too.

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