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Turner bows out of ballpark bid

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All I can say is "I told you so."

I do believe that finding a GC to sign the kind of contract Loria & Co. would like is a hurdle to overcome equal to the original approval by the Miami-Dade commissioners. I think MLB is going to have to intervene(behind the scenes) and put some pressure on Loria to ante-up a little more on the over-runs. I don't believe that you can build a retractable roof stadium for 515 million plus what is it, 20 million in cost over-runs, that Loria has pledged. There's only so much cost over-run protection these contractors can buy at a reasonable price.

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Well....tomorrow is D-Day. The day that the construction bids need to be submitted. We won't here anything right away, probably won't hear anything until the contract is signed...IF they're able to negotiate one.


One sign that things may not be going smoothly is if we here any statement from Loria, even if it's not directly related to a construction agreement. Any word from him would be a sign that he's looking for more money or getting ill at the prospect that he might have to use more of his own.

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