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Sometimes the Marlins FO moves confuse me

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...Perry Hill, who they were incredibly sympathetic and thoughtful towards when his wife was dieing, and by all accounts was the architect of the the Marlins 2003 WS defense, just signed as first base coach with Pittsburgh.




It's hard for me to believe their loyalty to Andy Foxx or their belief in his abilities (which we've all seen the dividends that's paid) as infield coach is so strong they wouldn't make the obvious move. Hill came to the Marlins in the spring of 2002 as Loria was taking over, played a big part in 2003 and even knows most of the new crop of guys from his last full season in 2006 (+part of 2007).


If he had stayed near home and signed in Texas I'd understand, and yes I know he is friends with Russell but you would have thought (at least I did) that with 2009 being a playoff push season for the Fish and defense supposedly at the top of the agenda, Hill would have been welcomed home with open arms.


And please don't say it was $. I'd love to know the back story here because having Perry Hill back coaching the infield just makes way too much sense.

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why so quick to blame for Marlins FO?



maybe Perry is loyal to Fox (his former pupil) and out of respect to him didn't inquire with the Marlins

maybe Perry is close to the Pittsburgh coaching staff and they coaxed him back


who knows, but you know what they say when one assumes something...

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why so quick to blame for Marlins FO?


This was in the context of my usual stance which is I respect the decisions the front office makes even though sometimes I don't understand them. This was not a jumping on the FO.


More I'm curious the back story.


I'm a little curious, too. And that's probably the way it will stay. I do think the Marlins would have welcomed him back, in one capacity or another. I would be more inclined to think it was his decision not to return here.

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