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'Gulf Storm' blowin' in!

Gulf Storm

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Since you guys don't have any sort of newbie introduction thread, or if you do and I missed it, then I guess somebody better move this!...


Hi everyone.


Nice looking site. I just joined and will probably be a pretty active poster.


I'm a big Marlins fan, have been since the day the franchise began in 1993. I'm 31 y o, I live at Key West here on the Florida Keys with my family, my 3 kids are all big Marlins fans too, we get to maybe 8-10 games each season, we were there for the home opener, and our next game will be against Washington on April 30. Can't wait for the beautiful new Marlins ballpark to open in 2012. I'm not used to forums, just getting the hang of it, so if I foul up anyway, don't yell at me!!


Nice to be here anyway, hope to talk some Marlins baseball etc with you guys later.



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Welcome to the boards.



I really like Key West; been there a couple of times... beautiful scenery. It's a fairly long drive, though. When you attend games, do you stay the night in Miami or head straight back?



Yeah, we love living there, I grew up in Fort Myers and my wife is from Miami, but we love it here even though it's pretty cut off and we're way out in the gulf. It's about 150 miles in to Miami, so maybe 3+ hours, a bit more with traffic, we only do weekend day games, and usually make a weekend of it as my brother runs a hotel at Coral Gables, but 6 hours travel in a day is way too long, especially with kids in the car.

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