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Fifa 10 is an amazing game

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i don't know if it's because i've been inspired by the world cup or something but i've been playing fifa 10 lately and finally finished my 1st season on manager mode. the game is so damn amazing and it's possibly more addicting than mlb the show series. manager mode is the only one i've really played intensely but i've started be a pro as well by joining bayern munich as a striker.


i was pretty successful in manager mode by winning my league and all the cup games with inter milan. kind of how inter actually achieved all those trophies in reality. i've sold some guys like zanetti, milito, chivu, quaresma and bought dzeko, donovan, kolarov, corluka, and gourcuff. dzeko (29), pandev (27), and eto'o (17) were the top 3 in goals in Serie A league. any one else have this game and are you enjoying it??

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I got it back in September/October when it came out and I agree it is a great football game. The different modes are good however 90% of the time I play online matches on it as I love the feeling of beating other gamers haha.


The other night I had possibly my best ever online match, Holland 4-4 Argentina however I lost on penalties. I managed to save a 88th minute pen in regular time which was a good feeling!

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