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Hanley holds himself accountable


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He's obviously not played terrible, but it seems he's well aware that some aspects of his game have not been at the level we've usually seen from him. Players are familiar with their own capabilities and just like anyone I'm sure that even if they're doing better than the next guy, if they aren't doing the best they can do than it's unsatisfying. It's good to see Hanley being frank and it's been good to see an improved level of hustle.

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He hasnt been terrible but he hasnt been Hanley either. Plenty of room for improvement.


That being said Cantu hasnt been Cantu, Nolasco hasnt been Nolasco, Volstad's been Volstad, etc.




It's been a disappointing year in that regard. We know what their capabilities of each one are and we're just watching a shadow of the former selves. It's frustrating. And I don't think firing the manager did anything positive. But I must say I don't miss Fredi's look like a deer blindsided by headlights.

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