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Another Roster Move

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MIAMI -- The Marlins on Thursday outrighted right-handed reliever Jay Buente to Triple-A New Orleans.


Buente, 27, appeared in eight games for Florida this past season, and he logged 11 innings, while walking 11 and striking out nine.


Buente spent most of the season at New Orleans, where he appeared in 20 games and posted a 2.67 ERA in 30 1/3 innings. He dealt with a shoulder injury late in the year and was shut down.

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Yet another in-house reliever who just wasn't any good. Where do we find these guys?


There are 1000 Jay Buente's out there, part of every organization. It's more about what we don't have in-house to what we do have.


Oh I know the guys that fill out the bottom end of the stat sheet for every team isn't very good, but every year I've been watching the Marlins intently I just haven't seen us bring any worthwhile reliever actually through our system besides Tankersley a couple years ago. We just haven't produced bullpen arms while other organizations seem to be able to find these 95-100 mph guys somewhere and at least get one decent setup man. We've debated the merits of the Beinfest bullpen approach, and while we all know that some of the throwing crap against the wall is necessary just because we can't afford to pay quality relievers, we haven't produced a meaningful reliever in years (besides guys who we probably traded a starting caliber position player to get) and that it has dictated such a makeshift bullpen every year is really holding us back.

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