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ESPN can forever suck it


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I've checked out of ESPN for a few years now. I do watch some of the actual games (NFL, MLB, NBA) on the channel but never any Sportcenter, Sports Reporters, etc. The radio side for the most part sucks as well. I guess I became more turned off over the years on how they treated and labeled the Marlins. I'm so tired of hearing them bash the Marlins year after year. How the Marlins not spend money? This evening (12/7) decided I'd turn on ESPN for coverage of any signings the Marlins made. The top of the hour Sportcenter radio crap. Well, right after Sportcenter update (this was around 6PM ET) these two knuckleheads come on and start talking about the Marlins. I've never heard such crap in my life! Talking about how could anyone be a Marlins fan?!? They trade all their players! Sure, they win a championships but they dismantle the team! They never spend the money and now they are? Why would you care as a fan?! I literally wanted to slap them silly! Of course they had to talk about how the Yankees and Red Sox haven't signed anyone! Freaking Eastern Sports Network! Talk about trying to ruin one of the best offseasons/days for a Marlins fan! These are times to be excited about! And ESPN is so biased they choke on their own babble...so what is it ESPN? First you bitch they don't spend money, so now they do and you bitch?! I guess I know you'll always hate the Marlins and it looks like you now even hate Marlins fans! ESPN can suck it.

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