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Season ticket holders and giveaways


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Does anyone know if full season ticket holders have guaranteed game giveaways??


Good question. In the past it one guaranteed per account for most sections. With the exception of the bobble heads, we give most everything away to friends and family if they want them. If not, they go into the attic at the end of the season. This year, I have no idea what's happening. They may not be sure either right now. But I would say when in doubt, call your sales rep. Posting the question here is more likely to get responses from the playground crew.

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So I can tell you that I have friends who have had full season tickets to the Twins for a while now and the way the Twins do it is thus. Basically, if you show up to the games early enough you will get the giveaways like everyone else. But for season tickets holders they have the option of ordering all the giveaways that come all together in a package shipped to your house for relatively cheap but NOT FREE.


Personally if there are specific giveaways you want I would just make sure to be there early that day. I know I will be at the stadium on June 27th at least 3 hours early. JJ Bobble head giveaway!

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