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Petition for a caretaker administration


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Dear (federal official),


I am a citizen of the United States of America. However, it seems

that America has been taken away from me. I feel that this

Administration, this Congress, this Department of Justice, and this

Supreme Court have betrayed America, and are now in the process of

selling America off piece by piece.


As an American citizen, I hereby petition the Bush administration to

step down immediately. I ask further that a caretaker administration

be put in place by the Congress until such time as an impartial,

impeccable Board of Civilian Review has examined the entire record and

pathflow of correspondence and actions taken by the Bush

Administration. I ask that John Aschcroft step down immediately as

Attorney General. I ask the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces

to stand down. I ask that the Supreme Court be precluded from handing

down any new rulings if and until it can be shown that their decision

concerning the election of 2000 was not a gross, impeachable offense

on the Court's part. I ask for a moratorium on Capital Punishment. I

ask for an end to mandatory minimums for sentencing. I ask for an end

to overzealous prosecutions. I ask for the return of federal judges'

discretion. I ask that every federal ballot include "none of the

above" as a valid choice for every election of every pertinent federal

official. I ask Congress to call for new elections of the House and

Senate at their earliest opportunity following the transition of power

from the Bush administration to a caretaker administration.


Until these matters have been fully addressed, I hold the federal

government, as it now composed, to be in violation of the

Constitution. I refuse to either leave my country or give up my

citizenship. I refuse to contribute any more monies to the coffers of

what I now consider to be an illegal, thus unconstitutional



Finally, I urge every American without children, without a

life-threatening disease, without other critical life circumstances

that would jeopardize their safety, to join me in this petition.


You have taken my country away from me. I will give my very life, if

necessary, in order to help bring about a return to the Spirit of the

Principles this country was founded upon, and thoughtful

re-engagement, through diplomacy, with the rest of the entire world.

My actions will remain entirely non-violent, but I will exercise every

fundamental right I may have as an American citizen until my country's

government has been returned to its own Citizenry.


Very truly yours,


__________________________ signed, ______________, 200_

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I love the part about the Supreme Court betraying America...

Please :rolleyes:


"None of the above?" We'd never have a government.


This is way off the scale to the left.


Oh and BTW, I had to sign an oath when I worked for the Government that I would not try to 'overthrow' it. And this sounds more like a revolution or coup than normal thinking for change.


2004 is an election year. Want a change? VOTE!

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