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Fudge gone= money elsewhere

The Marlin Man

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so, how about locking up pavz and/or penny for 2-3 years?? we have money to do it, and will have more when encarnacion is gone, and maybe redman gone too. pavz, I think, is gonna be awesome, and penny showed signs of turning the corner too in the postseason. Add another year of Mckeon and i think progress will only continue. I think Jack is the best thing to have ever happened to brad penny, made him stop being a baby.


So, has there been any talk about signing these guys, and can anyone give estimates on what it will take. and talk about if you are interested in keeping them both around for a while.


both are young, talented and had very good seasons last year. And maybe most importantly, they are capable of being "big game" pitchers, as they showed, especially in the world series.


and..... i know he is ours for a while anyways, and there is no need now, but i would love to sign beckett long term, he needs to be a marlin for life. aight, post away

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Guest markotsay7

It's always stupid to lock up pitchers to long term deals.


Case in point: Alex Fernandez.


I'm not saying let their contract run out but I'd rather take the risk of signing them to just a one year extension and paying a little more after that than having tons of money tied up in them if they get injured. Look what that did to the O's when Belle went down, they lost their most potent hitter and a ton of money that could have gone elsewhere.


I like Pavano more as a long reliever myself.

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