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sheffield DOES NOT sign!


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Dec. 9 -- Tuesday's New York Post and New York Daily News both reported that not only had the Sheffield-Yankees negotiations hit a snag, but that the deal was in danger of completely falling apart. The Post reported that "doubt has emerged" as to whether Sheffield would become a Yankee, citing baseball officials who said Sheffield reneged on a handshake agreement he had with George Steinbrenner. The Daily News cited another baseball official who said the same thing, that Sheffield, who seemed to hint which way he was leaning in an article in last week's USA Today Sports Weekly, "changed his mind and wanted more money," adding that the deal "fell apart." The Daily News reports that Sheffield now wants $42 million for three years, $3 million more than the handshake deal. But Rufus Williams, Sheffield's attorney, said that as far as he is concerned, the negotiations between the Yankees and Sheffield are very much alive. "I don't think our deal is dead," Williams said. "I was very surprised when I began receiving messages that there were speculations that our talks had hit a snag."

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that's the problem with trying to be your own agent. from the looks of it, sheff obviously needs some training in negotiating tact.


i'm sure vlad would love being the target of a potential bidding war... even though i doubt george is actually serious about him

Supposedly the only reason they contacting Vlad in the first place is so they could have more leverage with Sheff. He's going to end up signing with the Yanks, and according to other reports, Steinbrenner is actually angrier with Gooden who was kind of the "go between" for Steinbrenner and Sheffield...

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