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VLad believers


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I was one of the many non-believers out there that we would have a chance to get Vlad but ya know what I think it is now a reality. Sorry for making a new post, maybe this can be for people that now believe! I think if the Fish can structure a contract like Mikey Lowell's then it's possible that we can land him. Sign him for 2 years then if we don't get the stadium have some sort of escape clause I believe the Marlins' FO is hard at work as we speak trying to get this done. Getting Vlad will make up for not signing Pucking Fudge and then some..

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religion requires faith and is totally void of evidence...



is that the same about Vlad? ;) If you guys have had trouble signing lowell (because his contract is void if you don't get public funds for a stadium agreement), I just don't see a guy like Vlad taking 12 million a year and a contract like that.


p.s. If you're religious, you shouldn't be offended, because belief is an act of faith, and faith is a belief void of evidence

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