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  2. I know it may not happen but...... but... he should get the chance to start the game Jack is the coach so why not if ya can't bring a whole bunch of fish then start CP.. I mean most of the position players that are voted in dont deserve to be there so you don't need the BEST pitcher to start and just because it's in Houston it doesn't mean Clemens gets the nod.. atleast it better not happen
  3. At least one player came to play today. What a year! :notworthy . Perisho can SUCK IT for messing up Manzanillo's ERA. No Way should Manzanillo be 0-1 right now. He did not deserve the loss. Keep up the Ass Grabbing! I love it! He is our second best option coming from the Pen. Cool story with Jose. I was at the Trop all the way from Homestead and was at Saturdays game and was pissed that Jose was taken out with a runner on first and when Perisho let the guy score I was piiiiiiiiissed.. So anyways Sunday came and I was at the game and I asked Jose for his autograph and he told me he does it before the game is just about to start but then laughed and said waaiit I lost yesterday so maybe I should change that! I was like dude man you didn't lose! they took you out, they should've left you in.. Rosenthal heard me and said hey! we don't 2nd guess and started laughin and I am like yea yea and I Jose was like yea that's how baseball works I'm like screw that man you didn't lose last night's game and friggin Perisho was there and he goes yea.. I DID!! :lol
  4. Now that's []D [] []\/[] []D :thumbup
  5. Driving from Homestead for the Saturday and Sunday games!! :thumbup
  7. Leaving Homestead on saturday and going to be there for that nights game and staying there for Sunday's game! ROAD TRIP!! ooooh yes :thumbup
  8. See the guy didn't take the ball from the kid! I mean what he did was wrong but the kid was worried about getting ice cream or something. I agree the guy should've gave the ball to the young boy but hey if he did that then the kid wouldn't of gotten as much airtime and a bat from Mr. Sanders so it all worked out!
  9. Oh ok he's been there for us a few times. But he hasn't been effective recenty. He pitched well for us against NYM and one game in Cincy and he had a real good April.. but he's just been garbage I don't see Wayne as someone who is going to be of much help to us in the bullpen anymore. He doesn't intimidate anyone, well to me he doesn't but hey we're all entitled to our own opinion but with a 5.53 ERA isn't good Admin I dont care if he won 10 games for us that ERA isn't goin to help us.
  10. Ugh...don't like this move. Hopefully Neu shows us something that we haven't seen of him before. How could you not like this move?! Friggin Wayne is GARBAGE bring in a fresh arm.. Good friggin move!
  11. WTF no offense to the ladies! But where's the guys night, when can we meet the players and talk about ball?! This is so not fair :thumbdown
  12. :mischief2 I see this makes me wanna sing well rap how bout that song from Uncle Luke Lollipop!! BRACELETS STILL ON SALE LADIES :whistle
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