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Rumor: Blockbuster 3-Way Agreed To


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Jody Mac is reporting on WFAN out of New York that there is a deal in principle between the following three teams that would bring A-Rod to the Red Sox.


The Sox would send Garciaparra and Trot Nixon to the Phillies.


The Phillies would then send Rollins and Abreu to the Sox.


The Sox would then send Rollins along with Manny to the Rangers for A-Rod.

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A little more credibility than the Guerrero to Cleveland rumor. Let's recap, shall we?




Loses Manny Ramirez, Trot Nixon and Nomar Garciaparra

Gets Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez




Loses Jimmy Rollins and Bobby Abreu

Gets Nomar Garciaparra and Trot Nixon




Loses Alex Rodriguez

Gets Manny Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins



Texas comes out even in salary, shaves 2 years or so off a big-name contract. I can see how Rollins + Ramirez = A-Rod. Boston gets about 5 million in terms of salary, but gets two long contracts. Luckily, they're for the type of players that you would feel comfortable with securing for the long term. They now have a left-field hole that can be filled easily. Philly obviously upgrades at SS and comes out about 5 in the red. Not the most beneficial of trades, but I like it because it's cool and ingenious.

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I'm suprised that rumor was even taken seriously. Just look at what the Phils give up and receive. I'm sure every single Rd Sox fan is suggesting every option under the sun for A-Rod to be the one to let a groundball go through his legs, but this deal? Wow. Who's the idiot who proposed that one? Eric Milton?

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Ilovekruk told everyone yesterday before anyone was reporting that Rollins and Abreau would be involved in this deal for Garciaparra.


I posted a link in The Pleasac thread and IloveKruk has yet to be wrong on anything(Called THe Milton Deal, Worrell being signed, and Millwood's arbitration before anyone in the media)

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Nommmmmmah? ? to the Phillies? and? Nixon? ? for? two? stiffs......

Abreu is a stiff? Wow.


Idiot. my thoughts exactly


I am a new Stiff for saying Abreu is a stiff......


clearly i didnt look at his stats all i remember was his batting averge in the 1st half the year......


my bad....... on that 1......

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