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Heat play Grizzlies


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Heat are in 5th place now. We started in 7th with the 7 game loss streak, , but we're slowly on the rise. Philly lost, we're now within 4 1/2 games.




Philadelphia 12 11 0

New Jersey 11 11 .5

Boston 11 12 1

Miami 7 15 4.5

Washington 7 15 4.5

New York 7 16 5

Orlando 3 19 8.5


Maybe, just maybe......

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Since getting more minutes at power forward, Odom is playing awesome as of late. Hes getting those boards, last 2 nights 17 and 14 rebounds.


Grant is also starting to pick it up. Hopefully he can start being more consistent because we really need him if want any chance of making a run at a playoff spot.


Jones continues to struggle. Lets hope he gets it together soon, im sure he will.


Great win for the Heat.

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Guest marlins02

its real sad for our division that we're 8 games under .500 and still only 4.5 games out of 1st.'



that was a great win, if Lamar can play like that more Riley might look like a genius GM for giving him that deal


i loved that play when he got blocked under the rim, got it back and put it back up, got the rebound, put it back up and grant tipped him the ball, he got it back and put it in. that was great

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yo...... great win...... i watched taht game be4 i went to south beach... i had to... i mean i do like this team.....


1 thing i noticed "damn Gasol is a ball hog, he wantted to be the go to guy and failed...... "


anywayz if any you eva watched my boy Odom play with LA man, when healthy he always filled up the stats sheet, iI must admit i only bought his clippers jersey cuz the man smokes Herb.....


only thing sad about yesterday, is that Caron is still finding his way... man once he gets on track we can bea nice force in the ATL divison.....



My Hornets are 17-7 aka they are the s***!!!!!!


and Mash is comming back in a few weeks

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I have hope for the Heat. Even though Caron hasn't been contributing too much offensively, still with him on the court, it makes things better and easier for the other players. And once Caron gets back in his rythym, I can't wait!


The Hornets are having/going to have a great year. They have everything from the athletic guard to the size in the post to the perimeter shooting. 17-7 all without one of their key players, when Mash comes back and gets in rythym..they should definitely be front runners in the East.

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Guest marlins02

the man? smokes? Herb.....

smoked. smoked herb. past tense.


I hope :whistle No, he had it correct when he put smokes herb in present tense. wheres the doctor to inject the clean piss into him?

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