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Super Fan

A curious observation about wiggers is their propensity towards wearing basketball gear. This type of cross cultural identification has led the wiggaz.com field research division to conclude that such wiggers are wearing popular sports jerseys as a means of identifying with popular culture. This young wigger, for instance, has led the polo team at his prep school to three consecutive victories, but downplays this fact by giving no indication that his blood is indeed that blue.

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There's nothing worse than white people wanting to act like loser black people. (Let me clarify so no one gets the wrong idea, by that I mean the blacks that act all macho and speak a certain way on purpose.) Its hard to determine who's worse, the copycat or the inventor.


The reason they talk bad is because they are uneducated! Why would you want to act that way! I can't stand white kids doing that. At least there's much less of this at college.

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