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Thank You Chris Aguila


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fun little story...




Giving Up The Leather


FORT LAUDERDALE?Watching the Marlins storm their way to a World Series championship, outfielder Chris Aguila couldn?t help but feel part of things.


He didn?t get a September callup and wasn?t even at big league camp last spring. However, Miguel Cabrera was wearing his glove while making some of the biggest catches of his young career.


?I saw him making a sliding catch one day and thought, ?Oh, the dude?s wearing my glove,? ? Aguila said. ?Miguel got to the bigs and he couldn?t even get his own glove.?


When Cabrera first started working on the transition from third base to left field in late May, he went to Aguila, his teammate at Double-A Carolina, for help. In addition to long talks about angles and routes and breaks, Aguila gave one of his gloves to Cabrera so he could expedite the switch.


The only stipulation was that after Cabrera made the big leagues, Aguila told him it would cost him some bats next spring.


?He?s a great guy who deserves everything that?s come his way,? Aguila said. ?As we both got close to the playoffs, we were keeping in touch. I was letting him know how we were doing, and he was happy for us. Once they made the postseason, I probably talked to him once every series.?


As it turns out, both players will be in the same camp next spring. Aguila, 24, was added to the 40-man roster for the first time.


Aguila, who hit a national record-tying 29 home runs at McQueen High in Reno in 1997, put himself back on the map this year despite missing 41 games due to a broken right wrist. He won the Southern League batting crown, hitting .320-11-55, and helped the Mudcats win the league championship. Sent to the Arizona Fall League for the first time, Aguila hit .257-5-24 in 109 at-bats for Peoria.


?You know the competition is going to be good, and you want to see where you size up against these guys that are known as prospects,? said Aguila, a third-round pick in 1997. ?I was very happy with the way I played. I felt like I swung the bat really well.?


Just wait until he gets to work with some Cabrera-model lumber.




? In addition to Aguila, those added to the 40-man roster included righthanders Ronald Belizario, Kevin Cave, Mike Flannery and Lincoln Holdzkom and lefty Frank Gracesqui. All except Belizario are relievers.


? Triple-A righthander Justin Wayne reportedly plans to play in the Puerto Rican League in hopes of rediscovering his sinker. He went a combined 4-14, 4.34 at three levels, including the majors, last season.

- Credit Baseball America - go check them out. its really worth the $


i expect Chris to make the team in 04...

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