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Does anyone remember the OB Baseball field.

El Guapo

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i know its a long shot but does anyone remember the demention of the field...i read somewhere on this site someone putting left field about 250ft...but i remember it way further than that...i know its the state of the art stadium everybody wants but getting out "Joe Robbie" i will never call it PPS is the key for survival of this team...

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The Miami Marlins played a few games in the OB back in the 1950s. LF was about 250' with a high net.


I saw the blueprints to convert the existing OB structure into a baseball configuration. Home plate would be deep in the middle of the west (closed) end zone. The sideline stands on both sides would be redesigned to provide "cutouts" which could be removed for baseball and put back in for football. Both LF and RF lines would be a reasonable 310 feet.


I have been on the OB field, and there is a definite "crown" down the middle of the field. This would have to be removed. as baseball field must be flat.


Anyway, this is all a moot point. Baseball will not be played in the current OB structure. Full tear down and rebuild is the only acceptable option. Of course, the "cutout" idea above is workable and could be part of the new OB.

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