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Cash-paying drivers to pay higher tolls


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Credit: Orlando Sentinel



Cash-paying drivers to pay higher tolls


By: Scott Powers

Date: 2/18/04



"Tolls will go up an average of 25 percent for drivers who pay tolls with cash, starting March 7 on Florida's Turnpike and most other toll roads the Turnpike Enterprise operates, including those in Central Florida.


The toll increase, the first for the Turnpike Enterprise in 11 years, is intended to raise money for safety and roadway improvements to the 449-mile system of toll roads throughout Florida. The change increases tolls to 7.5 cents per mile, up from 6 cents per mile. That will work out to an extra 25 cents in tolls at most Turnpike Enterprise tollbooths.


People who use electronic toll transponders, either the Turnpike's SunPass or the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority's E-Pass, will not be charged the toll increases. Their tolls are cheaper for the enterprise to collect and process, and officials want to encourage more drivers to use transponders.


Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jose Abreu approved the toll increase after two months of public hearings and workshops.


In Central Florida, the Turnpike Enterprise operates Florida's Turnpike and portions of State Road 417 (the Central Florida GreeneWay and Seminole Expressway) and State Road 528 (the Bee Line Expressway.) Fifty-cent increases will hit cash-paying drivers at the Leesburg and Lake Jesup toll plazas, and 25-cent increases at the Celebration and Bee Line West plazas.



Great... now the semi-famous $1.50 Lake Jesup Toll Plaza will be increased to $2.25. Great...

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thats not how it works.



the pass is cheaper because you dont have to pay for people to man the booths...



at least that is how i think these passes work right?



everybody has always had to pay the same toll, but now they're being smart and giving people an incentive to save the turnpike money.

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Tell me about it... every road in this damn city is either tolled or a parking lot (I-4, OBT, 50).

well, on the bright side, orlando roads are amazingly well kept and very clean.


i rarely ever have to pay tolls on miami roads, and it shows. the graffiti on i-95 is fun to look at, and the potholes on 826 sure are fun to drive over!

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No one is forcing you. But it's smarter to get one. The $25 for the transponder will pay for itself between the toll savings and the time savings.


I love mine and find myself not forced to take roads that are free, and take longer, just to save the 25 cents.

The transponder is a great idea but the big problem around here is that you're not tolled .25 per every 5-7 miles... It's usually around $1 to $1.50 per every 5-7 miles.


That's why most of the Toll Roads around here are usually empty... and mostly everyone is against them.

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