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Man partying at Key Largo drowns

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Posted on Wed, Mar. 03, 2004


Man partying at Key Largo bar drowns after friends throw him into water


By Herald staff



KEY LARGO - A 23-year-old New York man drowned, apparently accidentally, after friends tossed him into the waters off a Key Largo bar early Wednesday, police said.


Aaron Coonick of Endicott, New York, was playing darts and horsing around at Cactus Jack's bar at 12:30 a.m. when friends playfully pushed him in the water, police said.


Coonick surfaced, swam beneath a boat but failed to reappear, his friends told police.


Police found Coonick's body floating in the water, and said he had a scrape above one eye and an abrasion at the back of his head. CPR was performed but failed to revive him.


An investigation is ongoing.

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Guest Juanky

That would be first degree manslaughter at worst.


But if they are charged with anything, it'll probably be much less. Maybe second or third degree manslaughter, since they were all gone anyways.

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yea but since he resurfaced himself and willingly swam under the boat on his own wouldnt that just be an accidental death on his behalf and them be free.


because in my mind if he resurfaces himself and swims under the boat himself then when the friends pushed him in the water originally they didnt kill him. in a way he killed himself

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was it a lake? If they are in the Keys.....


anyway, guys do funny stuff like that. We throw people in the lake here at Furman all the time. It's like pushing someone in the pool. It's funny at their expense. It's what guys do. Multiply that ten-fold when there is alcohol involved.

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