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Fall of WQAM

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As I have been preaching the evils of WQAM over the last year, a little bit of interesting news has fallen into my possession.


ESPN Radio has ended it's affiliation with WQAM and will move it to WAXY 790 if they can agree on which shows will air when (Dan Patrick, LeBatard, and Mike and Mike in the Morning Live) and what sports packages (MLB and NBA) WAXY will get.


This is a good move for the Marlins because it will give WAXY-790, which back in the age of AM Radio in Miami was WQAM's main competition, a year to establish itself as a sports station. WAXY-AM has a 25,000 watt signal blasting WQAM, WIOD, and WRFX to the moon and already carries a successful package of FIU Golden Panthers Athletics.


WAXY-AM is owned By Jefferson-Pilot and is sister station to 101.5 Lite FM and Majic 102.7. Jefferson-Pilot has done in Atlanta and Denver what it plans to do with WAXY and if all works, WAXY will land the Marlins and Panthers for 2005. Main reason is that the teams will buy time on WAXY, produce their own broadcasts, distribute it, sell ads and keep ALL profits.

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QAM has turned into complete garbage, and being subjected to Sporting News Radio on their air for the last month or so has been about as enjoyable as an anal fissure. Every Sporting News show sounds like two of your older inlaws yapping incessantly about sports they know nothing about.


I think the only reason QAM exists now is to air commercials anyway. Before it was bad, but now it's just flat out ridiculous. 20-25 mins of commericals an hour is absolutely absurd.


But then again, the whole radio market in Miami sucks like a Hoover, anyway. Why should sports radio be any different.

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WQAM is 5000 watts during the day and 1000 at night, WIOD 5000 watts at all times and WAXY is 25000 watts at all times.


WQAM is only on top because they are the only sports station in Miami with play-by-play to lift the low talk ratings. Lose the main play-by-play and they fall.


If WAXY gets ESPN, the Marlins and the Panthers to compliment FIU, it will be the best sports station in SoFla.

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