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Skins sign Bailey's replacement


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If I'm the Skins my plan is this....


Draft Winslow or Taylor (preferably Taylor, Defense wins championships)


And continue to go after help on the D-Line and O-Line. The Redskins O & D Lines are the weak spots of the team.


But add a run stuffer like the now available Gilbert Brown (i hope my boy gilbert retires, i'd hate to see him anywhere but Green Bay), a good D-End like Wistrom and draft Taylor and a Defense of...



DE- Grant Wistrom

DE- Brandon Noble

DT- Cornelius Griffin

DT- Gilbert Brown


OLB- LaVar Arrington

MLB- Jeremiah Trotter

OLB- ?


CB- Shawn Springs (age has forced him to lose a step)

CB- Fred Smoot (young but good)

FS- Matt Bowen (underrated former Packer)

SS- Sean Taylor


Looks pretty damn good.


Then go out and get Interior Offensive Linemen in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds of the draft and sign a guy like Adam Timmerman or someone like that and the O-Line should be okay.


But no matter what, I think the Skins will be between 7-9/10-6 this year, because all of this talent has to gel over time. Give this team 2 years to gel, and in 3 years you can say "Super Bowl Champion Redskins"....

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