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Karim Garcia: Najeh Part II?


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Mets Fine Garcia and Spencer for Scuffle



Published: March 7, 2004



ORT ST. LUCIE, Fla., March 6 ? Mets outfielders Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer have been fined by the club for their roles in a scuffle with several local men outside a sports bar here Thursday night.


With options that ranged from releasing the players to fining them, Mets General Manager Jim Duquette did not disclose Saturday what disciplinary action the team took against the players, but the fines were believed to be about $1,000 each, according to a person with knowledge of the fines.


"We feel we took the appropriate action," Duquette said.


Fred Wilpon, the Mets' owner, said the club had established a high standard of conduct for its players and would not lower it. "I'm certainly disappointed," he said Saturday.


A spokesman for the Port St. Lucie Police Department said that no police report had been filed.


"It's over," Spencer said Saturday as he left Tradition Field, where the Mets lost to the Dodgers in an exhibition game, 6-2. Spencer is a former Yankee playing this spring with a nonguaranteed contract.


The incident Thursday began outside the Big Apple Pizza and Pasta restaurant when Garcia urinated in a parking space in front of the restaurant, according to several witnesses. The scene quickly escalated into name-calling and a scuffle, the witnesses said.


Walter Bandyk, an assistant manager at the Big Apple, said he noticed Garcia urinating near Garcia's white Hummer as the restaurant was getting ready to close. Garcia and Spencer had just left the nearby Duffy's Sports Grill with their wives.


Bandyk said he confronted Garcia, but then Spencer approached him as a peacemaker and coaxed Garcia into his vehicle. But the two players began talking, and they got out of the Hummer and engaged in a scuffle that eventually involved several Big Apple employees. Bandyk said that Garcia, who played with the Yankees last season and has a guaranteed contract, was slurring his words.


Garcia and pitcher Jeff Nelson have been charged with attacking a groundskeeper in the Yankees' bullpen at Fenway Park on Oct. 11 during the third game of the American League Championship Series.

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March 6, 2004 -- PORT ST. LUCIE - Karim Garcia - already facing possible prosecution for a fight in Boston during last year's ALCS - and Shane Spencer were involved in an altercation with a 20-year-old pizza deliveryman outside a bar Thursday night, The Post witnessed.

Spencer tackled and hit Eric Vidal around 10 p.m. in front of Duffy's Sports Grill. Three employees of Big Apple Pizza, next door to Duffy's and where Vidal had been working for only two days, said the incident was ignited when Garcia urinated in front of their store, leading initially to an exchange of taunts and curses.


Garcia, Spencer and their wives departed in a white Hummer almost immediately after the clash. A police car was dispatched to the scene, according to officer Kacey Donnell of the St. Lucie Police Department, but no report was filed because none of the complainants was available. Mets GM Jim Duquette, in acknowledging a "confrontation" last night, said he does not expect a police report to be filed.


Initially, both Garcia and Spencer, who could end up as the Mets' right-field platoon, did not want to discuss the altercation, which took place about two miles from the Mets' spring home of Tradition Field. When told a Post reporter had witnessed the incident, both acknowledged an altercation, but said no blows were thrown with Spencer saying, "hell no" to if he threw punches.


Vidal, however, said Spencer landed about two to three punches to his side and that he woke yesterday with some soreness. Vidal met yesterday with Mets media relations head Jay Horwitz to say he was seeking an apology from the player. Horwitz said Vidal wanted to show his bruises, but he declined to look.


"I want them to apologize," Vidal said. "If they can't do that, I'll take other matters." Vidal said if he lost his job due to this incident he might get a lawyer.


The Mets had their VP of Security, Rob Kasdon, interviewing eyewitnesses last night to gather their own information before making any further decisions how to proceed. The Mets briefly met with Garcia's representative, Bobby Barad, last night and indicated their annoyance since Garcia should be on his best behavior.




Garcia, Jeff Nelson and a Fenway Park groundskeeper all still have assault and battery charges pending for their involvement in a bullpen melee at Fenway during Game 3 of the ALCS. Garcia's pre-trial hearing is March 22 in Suffolk (Mass.) County Superior Court. Duquette said the Mets would handle this as "an internal matter."


According to Anthony Mancuso, a busboy at Duffy's, Garcia and Spencer had been drinking in Duffy's from about 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday. Employees of Big Apple Pizza were pulling outdoor chairs into the store for closing at 10 p.m. when Garcia began urinating in front of the store, said multiple sources, including two assistant managers of Big Apple. The pizzeria workers said Garcia became hostile when told by several employees to move along.


Garcia's wife, Terri, popped out of the Hummer and apologized for her husband and tried to restrain the outfielder, according to Walter Bandyk, a Big Apple Pizza assistant manager. Spencer came by at that moment with his wife, Heidi, and, Bandyk said, initially apologized for Garcia and moved his teammate toward the Hummer.


Bandyk said the Hummer sat parked in front of Big Apple for about two minutes, and then both Spencer and Garcia began to curse toward the group of employees and their friends massed in front of the store. The insult exchange included one Big Apple employee mooning the players, Bandyk said. The Hummer drove slowly away with the passengers and the people in front of Big Apple continuing to exchange taunts, The Post saw.


When the vehicle was about 30 feet away from Big Apple, Vidal gave chase. The Hummer came to a stop and Spencer quickly bolted after Vidal, about 5-9, 160 pounds, tackling him in front of Duffy's main entrance and throwing a few punches.


Mets first-base coach Gary Pettis broke up a fight that lasted about 30 seconds.


here is a better story

and juanky: here is the link to the post story



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Nobody can beat the Green Bay fan favorite Najeh Davenport and his takin a crap in his ex-girlfriends closet.


Thats so classic it can never be done again and be funny.

Wasn't his ex-girlfriend's apt, just some random girl at Barry University.

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Guest Juanky

I don't think he was wasted. Which makes it the ultimate funniest s*** ever.


Nothing like taking a s*** in someone you don't knows closet.



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I don't think he was wasted. Which makes it the ultimate funniest s*** ever.


Nothing like taking a s*** in someone you don't knows closet.



You know when you get nervous you have to crap in your pants? Imagine sitting in a stranger's closet, very nervous.

s*** happens!

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