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  1. True. But if Cishek had taken a baby step on Saturday and if the team took another baby step on Sunday, we'd be a game back right now. Baby steps is one thing, missing multiple opportunities to take those baby steps is another. Not to mention the game we lost to the Reds because of the over turned call at the plate. We should be tied for the second wild card spot right now.
  2. It might be too early to make this statement but it looks like the Marlins might have won the trade at the deadline with the Houston Astros. Cosart has given the Marlins exactly what they needed. I like our chances when he's on the mound. He had a live fastball yesterday topping out at 98 mph and he mixed in his curveball nicely.
  3. They will bring him up in Sept so they don't have to DFA Hand or Penny. I don't think we have any time to waste. If Heaney gives you a better chance of winning every 5th day you bring him up now. I agree with Pollyvonwog. I don't see how Penny is going to help this team this season or long term. We don't lose anything by designating him for assignment.
  4. For a ground ball, yes. For a fly ball, it's the opposite, especially a pop-up. First step back, then adjust as needed. At least, that was my experience and what I was taught as both an outfielder and infielder. I played all outfield spots and shortstop. You're right. The rules are different for ground balls and fly balls. However before the ball is hit a good number of infielders take a step towards the plate to help keep themselves in an active position. That may have been why Hechavarria's first step was forward.
  5. Is now the right time to make the move? Hand didn't do so well yesterday and he's struggled with his control over the last few outings --we can't give away games by walking in runs! I also don't like the idea of Penny starting every fifth day so I think the Marlins should give Heaney another chance. He's had a few good outings in AAA and his changeup has improved based on what I've read recently. He needs the major league experience. Plus it would be nice to have a lefty in the rotation. Discuss.
  6. You guys are being pretty harsh. You're always taught to instinctively go in on the ball, not back, on your first step. You also seem to forget how much that ball probably carried with the wind blowing out and the thin air helping it carry. At Marlins Park that ball probably barely makes it past the infield. This is an excellent point. Most infielders are taught to take a step forward or perform a small jump before the ball is hit in order to avoid being caught flat footed. Even if Hechavarria did take his first step forward he recovered very nicely and took a direct route to the ball. I disagree with Song's statement that Simmons or Cozart would've made it look easy.
  7. It was an absolutely amazing play, made more incredible by the circumstances. BUT if you watch the play closely, it shows a lot about what I've always said about Hech. His first step when the ball hits the bat was IN, then he had to adjust and run straight back. He recovered and saved the game, but it shows that maybe another SS makes that play with less effort. Personally, I thought he recovered pretty well and covered a lot of ground to put himself in position to make the catch. Maybe he's not 100% polished but he's shown flashes of game-changing defense, especially over the last couple of months. I also want to see him hit second instead of Solano. Or possibly keep Baker at second. He deserves more starts in my opinion.
  8. Happy Sunday everyone! I can't say I'm new to the boards because I've been visiting the site for years, but this is my first post in ages. I couldn't remember my old login so I had no choice but to start from scratch. Anyways I'm glad to be back and look forward to participating over the last 34 games of the season as the Marlins try to sneak into the playoffs. I thought this deserved a thread of its own. Considering the circumstances, Hechavarria's catch is probably one of the best defensive plays we've seen all season. Granted the Marlins didn't win the game --I'm still upset at the fact that we lost when we had the opportunity to gain ground-- but it was still an incredible, game-saving catch nonetheless and it shows that our team will do just about anything to win. I've been impressed by Hechavarria's improvement at shortstop this season as well as behind the plate. Yes he's never going to hit for power, or drive in an insane amount of runs, but Adeiny is a big part of this team and has come through clutch multiple times lately both offensively and defensively. At the beginning of the season, I thought we may need to eventually replace Adeiny but I think I've changed my mind. The 7-15 game stretch that we played without Hechavarria reminded me of how important he is to this ball club. At 25, I still think there's room for improvement but I'm content with the progress he's made so far and I look forward to having him on the team for years to come. Check out the link below: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11400893 One question: is there any way to post videos directly to the site? Or is including a link the only way to upload videos? Go Fish!
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