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  1. french onion soup chicken noodle potato
  2. my background... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v253/pavanosbabii/josh.bmp
  3. my 5th grade safety patrol trip to DC was awesome. i dont think most schools do it anymore, but it was a great experience...my entire class, other 5th graders, and random teacher chaperones took amtrak to DC. there, we met up with a huge blizzard that managed to hit much of the eastern seaboard. lots of stuff was closed, but we still got to see several landmarks, and i got to play in tons of snow. all around, that was an extremely memorable trip. 545559[/snapback] jeez only place they take the safety patrols in my school was to pizza hut
  4. we lost power for a lil while. So we started playing dominoes wit a flashlight and eating hershey kisses!!! yuummmm
  5. i like disney movies :thumbup lol pirates or the caribbean finding nemo the miricle little mermaid freaky friday cinderella peter pan
  6. i've never been to eny other stadium except for PPS. have fun though...hope we win
  7. If a runner is reaching 3rd base and the coach is sending him on to home but the runner knows for sure that he can't beat out the throw can he stop at 3rd even though the 3rd base coach is telling him o keep going????would it be ok?
  8. what are some good sites for image hosting apart from photobucket and tinypic?????????????????????????
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