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  1. Undergrad: Communication & Rhetoric/English Writing; minor in Latin American Studies Grad: Law Thinking about a masters in Public Policy as well.
  2. TariAJ

    Happy Birthday Das

    zum Geburtstag viel Glueck
  3. TariAJ


    I've been re-watching it On Demand lately...one of the best HBO Series ever. It was defintely over the top and often unrealistic, but the acting was amazing. Only bad thing was that they kept it around too long and the last few seasons weren't nearly as good as the earlier ones. Adebisi and Ryan O'Reily were beasts.
  4. TariAJ


    Mine start on Thursday and don't end until the day after the Marlins leave town (8th or 9th of May). Four 3-4 hour exams = not fun.
  5. Oh and Gnarls Barkley's new album is amazing. Gnarls Barkely = Dangerdoom + Cee-lo The promo photos they did for that album are hilarious.
  6. What is your favorite drink: a) at home - water b) at a bar/club - Amaretto Sour, vodka & cranberry, Long Islands, rum & coke, E&J & coke, Kahlua, Fuzzy Navels, and shots of any flavored vodka (preferably Bacardi Limon, Absolut Citron or Smirnoff Cranberry Twist) c) at a party - Smirnoffs, Mikes Hard Lemonade, Corona AND, can you outdrink Tucker Max? Probably not, but I'd give him a run for his money.
  7. TariAJ

    Age Tree

    Yankeefan July 21, 1975 Lefty January 23 1976 TariAJ January 18 1980 FishFan24 May 24 1980 Hugg April 18 1981 JetsMania July 21 1981 Bradcore August 30 1981 MiRi September 17 1981 QuickGold December 26, 1981 Nugget June 19 1982 tealmarlin April 14 1983 MarlinatPenn September 12 1983 Sandroimbuto November 30 1983 BullDurham December 5 1983 Passion September 5 1984 strandedx02 October 1 1984 Flamarlins3 July 3 1985 Hollyberry August 8 1985 kissthesungoodbye August 25 1985 Fritz May 11 1986 nc marlin April 18 1987 markotsay7 September 15 1987 > September 27 1987 Krispy November 25 1987 Chewbacca June 22 1988 MikeyFan July 27 1988 Festa February 1 1989 HeatGirl March 2 1989 TimeWrecker March 19 1989 Ns2003 February 26 1990 Mikey March 25 1991
  8. Name: Atarah Age: 26 Nationality: American (Black/Puerto Rican) Height: 5'7" Eye color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Dark Brown
  9. TariAJ

    American Idol

    Part of Gideon leaving is the fault of the show IMO. They pick & choose who's going to get air time & backstory, etc. Gideon got little to no attention throughout the show. Bingo. Melissa gets no airtime and Kellie Pickler gets 10 minutes per week to hog the mic with stories about old women throwing themselves at her grandpa and calamari. /bitter I wasn't at all upset about Gideon leaving though. My favorite guy is Elliot...he has the best voice by far, but I doubt he'll win. Chris is decent but seems one-dimensional. The rest of the guys are blah, but I hope Ace stays around for a while because I like to look at him. The girls are much better overall. I don't really have a favorite, but I think Mandisa or Katharine could win it. Paris could have a shot if she went back to belting out songs like she was during the auditions. Lisa has a nice voice but bores me to tears.
  10. On a related note, I love what Dove is doing: http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/
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