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  1. rferry isn't that you? i saw the same picture on your myspace?
  2. Ohh geez. Sorry Maverick for believing that people should respect the decisions of managers. I believe Jack knows what he is doing. :mischief2
  3. I was at the series as well. I did not see Mota. I talked with Josh, and I am pretty sure I did not see Mota around. Craig, Dogfish should being banned?! ha for questioning the loyalty of "Marlins fans"? As soon as the Marlins begin to lose, every single person...or "fans" criticize everything. I am also pretty sure that it is the players playing, not the manager, or the coaching staff. And Last time I checked, fans are supposed to back up Managers, and their decisions.
  4. slumping is a part of baseball...nothing you can do about it. i love how you guys always try to blame losses on one man. it's crazy. if nobody can hit you are going to lose.
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