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  1. Good move for the Marlins Marlins go to one of the larger ballparks in the Southern League and one of the more pitching friendly stadiums in New Orleans. Player development should balance out now.
  2. Does anybody know if the Marlins really want to leave ? I have heard that they are interested in Norwhich and Jacksonville but was wondering do any of you know if they truely want to leave Carolina ?
  3. While I don't wish any player to get hurt, I am glad it happened now. It makes more sense for the Braves to just let the rotation be Smoltz, Huddy, Glavine, Jo Jo Reyes, and Jair Jurrgens. Chucky can be the long reliever. With Reyes and Jurrgens, the Braves may pay now for the on the job training but it will be worthwhile later on. I also wish Mark Kotsay and Scott Thorman would go MIA.
  4. I agree the Mets got better but no way are they 10 games better then the Braves. Only way I can see that happen if Hudson along with Smoltz miss a lot of time.
  5. Other then Aaron Thompson and Chris Volstad, does anybody else have an idea of what Top 10 prospects might open the 1st half with Carolina ?
  6. I couldn't find his ZIPS. I think he will hit no more then 14 HR 58 RBI 19BB 49 RBI .226 AVG His value will be in his glove. I don't think the Marlins are going to outslug the majority of the NL teams so good defense will be needed to keep games close and to keep pitchers out of trouble.
  7. if he plays great defense.... I need these Marlins to be competitve this year.
  8. Using Minor League Equivalencies his 2008 season would like: 207 AB 11 HR 9 Doubles .203 AVG 98K 11BB In a plantoon situation, you could live with that if he plays stellar defense. He's never been a walk machine.
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