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  1. christian martinez is coming in???????????????? oh oh ...this doesnt look good ........hopefully it will work out .....
  2. they need to go get jj ...we need to keep it a 3 run game .....we got a good offense ( not tonight so far ) and can score on the next four .......but we can not allow any more runs !!!!!!!!!!
  3. it comes down to lost opportunities ....bases loaded ,one out in the first and we can only score one and not even a hit ....it's fustrating ........fck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Livan was just released by the NYM ,What do you guys think about giving him another chance with the fish? i know he has not been good lately but he is got experience and maybe a second tour with the fish will do him good .....our 4th are 5th starters are not much better imo....
  5. it is about tradition (someone before mentioned it ) in 20 years the marlins are going to have a decent fan base to pretty much fill a 40k seats park .....also the location of the stadium does not help , it is far from everything , it doesnt have a nice atmosphere around it . i have been to san francisco, chicago (wrigley), houston ,atlanta,washington dc ,philadelphia ( far from the city though) and they all have nice things going on before and after the game ....hopefully it will be that way in the marlins new home , i cant wait for opening day on the new ballpark ......GO MARLINS !!!!!!!!
  6. fredi needs to show the guys and the fans that he wants to win and while it me be obvious that he wants to win he needs to show it a little more .the other night when he got kicked out of the game i would have loved to see him go out and argue a little more not like he did from the top of the steps but out on the field like lou pinella and those other guys ....maybe that's what our team needs , a little more energy , a little more fight in them .....
  7. the problem is that we (marlins fans ) think that our team is a playoff team and although we have been close all season on the standings we are really not. a playoff team CAN NOT lose a game that is winning by 4 runs in the 8th and another game that they are also wining by 6 runs .....we are not a playoff team and maybe we are asking too much out of this bunch ...... also,i think is the managers job to inspire his team, to lead his team , to fight for his team and i think fredi is just not like that so maybe getting rid of him would do the marlins some good
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