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  1. Interesting, but I’d be shocked if we sign him. Plenty someone with a major SP void will offer him a major league deal and a spot in the rotation. I’d be interested in a low risk deal for Depth, but don’t anticipate that being his best offer
  2. Apparently the Red Sox are looking for a MLB ready SP in the deal. I would have to imagine they’ve brought up Elieser and Rogers. I wouldn’t love dealing Elieser, but I could be convinced of it. Rogers on the other hand should be off the table completely
  3. Exactly this. I’m sure at this point the FO has a pretty good idea on who the core of our farm system is, and a handful of prospects that they would be willing to deal. Whether due to being disappointed in their development, culture fit, or an under the radar guy being just as good. It’s about maximizing the return on those prospects not just for this year but also the next 2/3 years as well. This is the rays mold to a tee. The rays aren’t afraid to trade prospects at all. Heck, we have Jesus Sanchez in our system now. It’s that they evaluate their system as good as anyone, and
  4. What is the obsession for the old regime to chime in on everything the new regime is doing? If you want to talk about it at your cocktail parties, go for it. But no need to make public statements every time something happens with the marlins. Speaking of which, funny how they were pretty quiet when the marlins made the playoffs. Funny how that works
  5. He’s a stud defender who is coming off a down year offensively. Young and controllable and should bounce back offensively. My ideal catching replacements would be 1. Keibert Ruiz 2. Carson Kelly
  6. Depends what you consider a quality big leaguer, and what position you’re discussing. These “fringe OF’s” are only fringe on a strong farm system. Misner is a fringe prospect for us, but he would be a top 5-7 prospect for the Redsox or diamondbacks. A package of Alfaro, Misner, + Holloway/Urena/Guzman would absolutely be a competitive offer for a guy like Carson Kelly. If anything, it might be an overpay. Conversely, you could absolutely get a quality reliever for a Misner/Scott + return.
  7. It’s possible that the a Royals price themselves out of a partner for Salvy. The smart thing for them IMO would be to trade him and really begin their rebuild, but if they’re stuck on getting a Bleday/Meyer/Cabrera return, no thank you. I fully expect one of the fringe OF’s to be moved in a deal this offseason: Connor Scott, Jerar, Misner, etc. We’ll get a good sense of how the organization views these guys. From there, there are multiple secondary pieces that can included to increase the value if needed: Urena, Alfaro, Guzman, Holloway, any of the 2020 draft picks outside
  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t limit options at positions of need to whose available in free agency. This FO has already shown the willingness to make trades, and be creative in terms of player acquisition. Part of the reason you want “layers of talent” is so that you can trade for controllable big leaguers - Starling Marte. Think Christian Vasquez, Carson Kelly, Salvy Perez, heck they might even be able to snag Keibert Ruiz from LAD. A major benefit to having a strong system is having the freedom to go after guys like this without relying on whose availab
  9. I’m not counting on him for next year after what we saw this season, but it would be beneficial for Yamamoto to get back to his 2019 self this offseason. Even if it’s just to you his trade or bullpen value
  10. I wouldn’t limit Miami’s 2021 options behind the dish or other roster holes to who is available in free agency. the marlins are absolutely loaded with valuable assets that can be easily flipped to help balance out the roster - Harold, Sierra, Brinson, Isan, Connor Scott, Misner, Jerar, Burdick, etc. This list doesn’t even include guys who will head into ‘21 on one year deals within a track record - Alfaro, Dickerson, Aguilar, Cooper These guys aren’t all superstars, but neither are the guys we would be inquiring about. The marlins have an incredibly valuable ball of
  11. I think there’s something to this. As other poster have stated, it will take more than just one year to make this a desired destination, but I do think this season did help us shed the notion that signing with Miami is a last resort for a guy looking to play in October. If someone was already interested in playing in Miami, this season would make them especially excited for an opportunity. If someone had zero interest in coming to Miami, this season might make them take a second look at any opportunities that could arise. I do think any FA’s or guys with no trade
  12. I’m of the opinion that this FO is going to look to fill holes (C, RP) through trades rather than relying on free agency. Both the diamondbacks and dodgers are teams to keep an eye on as they have a surplus of catching depth: Arizona: Kelly + Varsho Dodgers: Smith + Ruiz Ruiz would likely command a much higher return, but I think Carson Kelly is a guy to keep an eye on. These teams have traded twice as of recent. We have a ton of hitting prospects that are intriguing (Jerar, Burdick, Scott, Misner) but are far from sure things. same goes for guys who have seen
  13. I think you’re going to see the FO shake up the roster a little bit going into next year. It’s clear they really like Lewin. He doesn’t have a path to playing next year with Coop/Aguilar, and neither are really permanent pieces. There’s also an obvious question mark at catcher. They’ll make that a priority to get solved given the emphasis on building through pitching. Not sure who and when, but I anticipate a few trades rather than trying to fill holes through free agency
  14. Monte needs to prove he can not K at a 50% clip before he give him any type of consistent role. I’m more confident in Jesus Sanchez contributing next year
  15. 1. Berti CF 2. Anderson 3B 3. Aguilar DH 4. Cooper 1B 5. Dickerson LF 6. Rojas SS 7. Jazz 2B 8. Wallach C 9. Sierra RF That’s what I would do tomorrow
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