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  1. Not sure how calling up Bleday solves anything. He’s not playing CF, and neither are Duvall, Dickerson, or Cooper. It comes down to Sierra in CF and/or calling up Brinson/Monte
  2. I’d love to add to the offense, but this team really needs a couple more bullpen arms to truly compete. At least 1 more lefty, and a couple of more power arms capable of dominating the 7th and 8th innings. With our rotation, if we had 2-3 guys in the bullpen we could really count on, this team would win a lot of games.
  3. You’re going to have to be patient on this one. Best case is we rummage through the guys DFA’d (Lucroy) to try and find a stop gap
  4. The next 2 starters up to fill in for Elieser and Sixto should be Neidert & Braxton Garrett. Knowing this team, it will be Paul Campbell & Castano.
  5. They better not start Paul Campbell tomorrow (or at all).
  6. Completely agree. Miami was at its best last year when they could get speed on the bases (Villar, Berti), steal a bag/create some chaos, and then find a way to drive that guy in. Miami was leading the league in stolen bases for a good portion of last year. That was our calling card. The Corey Dickerson leadoff experiment needs to end. I understand what they’re trying to do (get your best hitters the most ABs), but Dickerson isnt our best hitter. He hasn’t been a top 2-3 hitter on this team since he came to Miami. Move him down in the order and mix it up
  7. Need to get back to small ball; speed, aggressive base running, timely hitting. If there’s one thing this organization should’ve taken from last year, it’s that the formula for this team (as currently constructed) is to win with Pitching, Defense, and Aggressive offense that doesn’t rely on slugging % to score runs
  8. The only good news regarding Yimi is it doesn’t look his stuff has taken a hit causing a lack of production. FB Velo was still solid and the slider had some good movement to it. The issue I see with Yimi right now is command. He was spraying his fastball and even the sliders he got whiffs on werent where they needed to be. For a guy that doesn’t really have a changeup, he’s going to really need to rely on command to get lefties out consistently. If he gets that fastball up and away to meadows, he’s probably fine. When you don’t have a changeup you can throw 2-0, you better
  9. What I’m expecting: 1. Dickerson LF 2. Marte CF 3. Aguilar 1B 4 Duvall RF 5. Anderson 3B 6. Chisholm 2B 7. Rojas SS 8. Alfaro C SP ——————————————————- What I would do: 1. Marte CF 2. Dickerson LF 3. Cooper 1B 4. Duvall RF 5. Anderson 3B 6. Chisholm 2B 7. Rojas SS 8. Alfaro C
  10. While I tend to agree with you about Mattinglys in-game stuff, allow me to play devils advocate for a second. We’ve seen that this regime takes a collective approach to just about everything, including personnel decisions in the front office. What if some of the bullpen/lineup decisions are being made primarily by the staff/FO as a group? Being discussed beforehand, where Donny is simply the guy on the field. Obviously Mattingly would have a say in this, but I don’t get the feeling that every on-field move is made exclusively by Donnie. Addendum: I bring this up
  11. Nice veteran backend rotation option and pitched out of the pen some last year. Wouldn’t mind him making the roster as a bullpen option
  12. I’m not giving up on Isan. My comps for him since day 1 were somewhere between Kolten Wong/Rougned Odor. I understand his small sample size in the show has been underwhelming, but I don’t see how those profiles are out of the realm of possibility
  13. Marte SHOULD be that table setter, but they seem dead set on him hitting 2 for some reason
  14. He could be, but he hasn’t taken a single professional AB yet. Keibert Ruiz was getting AB’s on the World Series champs at 21 years old. let’s not act like we’d be trading him for a rental reliever
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