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  1. Unwritten rules are so dumb
  2. Oh well. 2 out of 3 ain't bad for a series though.
  3. Hi guys! I havent kept up with Marlins news since the season ended, but I thought I'd ask: What happens to that young catcher the Marlins called up last year? Brantley I believe his name was? Was he traded or is he a backup now? Or will he stay in the minor leagues and the Marlins will use Mathis as backup?
  4. donnie murphy's cost two double plays
  5. Did anyone else hear Rich Waltz say "football" instead of "baseball"
  6. No thanks. Crawford is another underachiever
  7. that bum Heath Bell is gonna blow this one too
  8. Rain's over already it seems
  9. Terrible time to start hitting with the rain and the game not being official yet... How many innings til it is? EDIT: k, til bottom of the 5th is over
  10. Yeah! Don't stop the pain train now
  11. The Great Zambino strikes
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