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  1. Oh man. People are really going to go in on Marlins attendance jokes. Even more than before, which was a lot.
  2. Ok, so.... If they finish near the top of the standings, I'll be happy. But at the same time, if they don't finish high in the standings I won't be too upset. It's such an odd season. I'll take it as a sort of mulligan. And I'll just look at it as one more top draft pick. JMO.
  3. Our second round pick - he's 6'6, a lefty out of high school, and had TJ surgery in September. I guess they said if not for the surgery he might have went top 10/15? That's all I know.
  4. Tried to be a little reserved. I know it's a long way to go. But I'm excited for this pick. This rebuild is coming along nicely. Meyers may have the best arm in the draft. That's not bad to pick up at all. I like how he's more of an athletic type, it's seems it would be less reliance on just his arm. It's more about his whole body into the throw, from a totally amateur perspective. Potential to become that top of the line ace, innings eater.
  5. I'll add to this with the fact that, where did we get Jose Fernandez, or Yelich, or Stanton? Elite players don't necessarily come from the top rated prospects before the draft.
  6. I know it might be a little underwhelming right now. But it's all about development from here. The bottom line is it's more good talent inserted into the prospect pool.
  7. It's more a symbol than anything. It's not so much about the distraction. It's more about the mentality that I like from management. Later on, sure. After they establish a good baseball culture. They can throw some extras out there.
  8. Not a problem. More focus on the baseball from club management. Fine with me.
  9. Nice swing there. Kid's got some pop.
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