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  1. YEAH! Alfonseca is gone for good! I thikn the BRaves are definetly done after that one. The Phillies will win the division next year, Mqarlins will be in the wild card hunt.
  2. Maddux wants to finish a Cub. And he will. Hopefully, he will go back to how he was the year before last. He really wasn't bad at all last year, just got off to a bad start. He would also be a great mentor for our extremely young talented pitching. if Maddux signs, it will not only counter-act the Petite sign, but obliviate it. Maddux pitching for the Cubs, young pitching blossoming because of it, fans jacked because he's back, recamped bull pen, revamped lineup. The Cards and Stros won't stand a chance (especially the Cards).
  3. Kenny Lofton (it isn't official yet) will be a big aquisition for them. They get a great lead-off hitter, great defense, and Bernie as the DH. Great pickup. We'll miss you in chi-town, Kenny.
  4. espo397x

    Pirates in '04!

    F YOU RAMP! F YOU!!!!!
  5. Zambrano. He's a gamer. Well, so is Prior, but Zambrano is just fun to watch. But between beckett and Prior. Prior. No br.ainer
  6. No. Vlad is a heck of a player, but Clemente was probably the best all-around player the game ahs ever seen.
  7. Ater the WS, Beckett is the preseason favorite for NL Cy Young. No one educated about baseball would make that assesment. In fact, you'll see that Prior will end up being most peoples front runner. He proved it all season. Beckett didn't. End of discussion.
  8. Prior has the best poise of any yonug pitcher in baseball. Entering 2004: Prior = Beckett Not by any stretch of the imagination. I think he is serious and I agree with him. Beckett hasn't pitched a full season without injury yet and has shown that he can dominate like the way Clemens used to or the way Pedro does now. You know who else dominates? Right now? This season? Mark Prior. Don't act like Pedro is in a league of his own. Prior hasn't just shown that he CAN be as dominant as Pedro, Prior IS as dominant as Pedro. No if's.
  9. Keep dreaming. Bartman changed the whole momentum of that game. Other things like this have happened before, and the team never comes back. Prior is the most dominant pitcher on either of the two teams. He was better than anyone on your team. Two games cannot detrmine which is better. But seasons can. Prior.
  10. Good for the Stros. Might make it instresting in the central. The Cardinals are slowly fading away. Hopefully this will urge Jim Hendry to sign Pudge, which wuold give the Cubs a huge edge. I mean, Petite compiled a Clement like ERA, he will not win 20 games in Houston like that.
  11. He didn't take the loss. He was pulled after 5 working a shutout. And the Pirates were still one of the top hitting teams last year. 7th in batting average or something?
  12. espo397x

    Ugy a Twin?

    And Pierzynski was better anyways.
  13. espo397x

    Ugy a Twin?

    C- Joe Mauer (considered the best Catching prospect since Posada) Need I remind you who they could have had instead?
  14. Mitre is raw. The pittsburg pirates are a very good hitting club. He shut them down. I'd much rather have him than Cruz, as he has much more poise. But he'll probably never get further than the Cubs bullpen. Guzman will pan out.
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