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Who Can the Marlins Least Afford to Lose?

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This was a similiar poll on the Palm Beach Post site. I thought it would be nice to see what you guys think.


I think I'd have to choose between either Pierre or Cabrera. But most likely Cabrera because he is expected to carry a big load this year on the team and Pierre even though he is important because he is the table setter in the lineup we also have Castillo who can lead off.

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Lowell is a good choice too except since we did play without him for almost a whole month and we won without him.


But in no way I'm saying hes not important to the team and without him we wont make it anywhere. Before anyone starts putting words in my mouth let me express that.

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If one of the corner OFs gets injured Cordero could fill in, if pierre gets injured Castillo would then lead off and Alex would hit second, and nunez would play center and hit 8th. Meanwhile if Lowell gets injured Cabrera would replace him at 3b and cordero would start at RF. If castillo gets hurt Easly could replace him. If alex gets injured....


I think the marlins could live without one of them but if two or more out then we're in trouble

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