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Baseball Tonight Predictions

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It seems as though every single member of the baseball media has spoken negatively about the Fish and is doubting them yet again. They all said the same crap last year and look what happened...

Can we be any more defensive and paranoid?


Picking the Phillies to win the division is not the same as talking negatively about the Marlins. Both Peter Gammons and Harold Reynolds said nice things about the Marlins; they just think the Phillies are stronger. While the Phillies aren't without flaws, you have to admit they made some nice additions to an already pretty good team.


Sure it gets tiring hearing the entire media world pick the Phillies but at least you can see the logic in it, if you're objective about it.

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Guest FishFanInPA

In Philadelphia they are predicting 100 wins and an easy time....I laugh at all the losers here. How delirious they are....

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Most of the media all says the same thing, and that is that the Marlins will be competive but wont have enought to make the playoffs. But I like it better this year because we are still in the underdog role, and remeber Mckeon said that he would pick the Phillies to win the division on paper also.

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Out of 17 ESPN "Experts" not one of them picked the Marlins to win the East not even to make the palyoffs. No mention of any Marlins anywhere in their "predictions". Ohh well.



Looks to me like two of them picked the Marlins to win the division outright. Your right!! I missed that. I also noticed 2 of them picked Beckett to win Cy Young.... my mistake... :mischief2

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