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Quantum Leap Marlins story


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For those of you who are fans of the tv series Quantum Leap, there is a website called www.quantumleap-alsplace.com... On this website they have a fan fiction section called the Virtual Seasons where fans can submit their own Quantum Leap stories and each week like a regular tv series the producers of the website post a new story...I've already submitted a 2 part story and had it air over 2 weeks in February (called Guinea Pig I & II)...But now, I submitted a story that will run in early May right before the season ending cliffhanger story called "Touch 'Em All". My fan fiction tale has the main character Sam leaping back in time a few years into a non-roster invitee trying to make the Florida Marlins team in 2002. Although most of the story is fictional, there will be a few "cameos" from some real Marlins players in da mix...


As the story gets closer to airing on the website, I'll post it in the main Marlins forum (since it kinda is Marlins related...hehe)...Although a few of ya's might pick it apart for accuracy (but hey, time travel stories can be a little off), there are a few surprise twist endings in it that I hope the readers will enjoy...





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