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Who's your favorite all-time wrestling character?


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If I was to be completely honest with myself it would have to be...


Vince McMahon. Easily my favorite character of all time. Get's away with kissing Torrie and Trish and says stuff like "You're FIRED!" and "Kiss MY ass!" and makes it cool!


That nd he's cut some of my favorite wrestling promos ever. Top ten Vince moments:


1. Vince makes JR kiss his ass.

2. Vince drinks beer and acts like Austin.

3. Vince in a cowboy hat.

4. Vince as the third member of the Austin, Kurt Angle comedy duo.

5. Vince's music.

6. Vince's satanic laughing in his Titantron.

7. Vince's serious walk when he struts out, pissed off.

8. Vince saying the words, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

9. vince making Hogan sign a contract in his own blood.

10. Vince screaming, "The only solace I take, is that in the nWo killing fields, I will be the last, TO SURVIVE!


My other favorites would have to be Rock and Flair.


So, who's your favorite wrestlingn character, it can be anybody, wrestler, GM, announcer or even Diva. HOLLA'!

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I think I will have to go with Stone Cold Steve Austin, he made wrestling cool again right when the Attitude era was starting and it was so fun to watch him go out and just hit random people with stunners.

I guess because of that Vince would have to be a very close 2nd as the there feud was one of my all time favorites.


D-Generation X was also incrediable the 1st one with HHH, HBK, and Chyna and the 2nd one after HBK also, you could tell that all these guys were friends backstage as they always looked like they were out there having fun. They also went out and did things that people always thought about doing, I mean how could anybody ever forget Operation WCW.

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