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If the Yankees were 8-1, ESPN wouldn't stop talking about it.


If the Red Sox are 8-1, ESPN would probably be interviewing Kevin Millar about the great start and the interview would be 85% of Millar saying 'Cowboy Up.'


If the Cubs start off 8-1, the pitching staff is terrific, they don't even have Mark Prior and they're 8-1!


If the Phillies go 8-1, they're off-season pick-ups were great and Admin Bowa is manager of the year.


If the Tigers start 8-1, Pudge is automatically the factor and the MArlins are crazy for letting him go.


If the A's start off 8-1, ESPN talks about how GODLY their pitching is.


If the Orioles start off 8-1, ESPN talks about how the three guys they picked up will help and the great job their no-name pitching staff has done.


If the Braves start off 8-1, it's amazing because they lost 115 homers and 397 RBI's.


If the Angels start 8-1, Vladimir Guerrero is the difference maker and baseball is back in Anaheim.


Yet... The Fish start off 8-1, they still get no respect, no one talks about them, and despite the fact that they actually ARE 8-1, they're still being talked about like they're a bunch of no ones who haven't ever won crap.


I think the Fish would get more attention if they were 1-8.

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TBS is giving the Marlins alot of attention. They show Malrins highlights every game, talk about the Fish every game, and worry about the Braves approaching buzz sawing with increasing nervousness.


They were the only outlet to pick the Marlins over the Phillies during the wildcard chase last season. Sutton made the pick and praise on TBs and during an interview on FSN Florida.

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It's about names. They want big names and cute stories. Bench players on the Phillies like Doug Glanville are thought of as being a better player than half our lineup because they have name quality. When in actuality Glanville is a awful ball player and was a bad acquistion for the Phillies as he's taking valuable at bats from Jason Michaels and others. But Jason Michaels might as well be a AA ballplayer until he makes a name for himself. The same for half of the Marlins.


And teams down south get lost in the Northeast, West Coast and Rust Belt focus of the media.

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Guest Juanky

You know, I love the whole no respect angle. I love coming out of no where. But again, can we get some coverage? Some attention? Just a little bit, for fun at least? Look at what this team has so far:


8-1, best by two games over anyone else

1.22 ERA, next closest is the Reds at 2.79

8 shutouts in MLB this year, 4 from the Marlins (no one else has more than one)

No earned runs allowed in the last four games

Major League save leader

Major League ERA leader

Major League 3rd best ERA man

Major League Strikeout Runner Up (right now, by one)

Major League 5th best Strikeout man

Major League WHIP leader

Major League 3rd best WHIP man

Fewest Hits surrendered

Fewest Runs surrendered (13, next closest is 24)

Fewest Earned Runs surrendered, (11, next closest is 22)

Fewest Homers surrendered

Fifth Fewest Walks given

Second Most Strikeouts (pitching wise), 6 back of the lead

Fewest Total Bases allowed

Only team to not be stolen on

0.95 WHIP, only team under one

.254 SLG Allowed, only team under .350

.257 Average against, easily first

Hitting .282 as a team

Fifth Most Homers hit

Majors Homer leader

Majors Homer Runner Up (1 back)

Majors Slugging Percentage Runner Up

Majors Fifth Best OPS

Eight Fewest Strikeouts (hitting wise)

Team SLG .456

Team OPS .788


That's alot for one team to have (and there is more, I just ran out of time to get them all), and no recognition? Come on. Give us some credit here. I mean don't get me wrong, I'll take a title this year over recognition in a heart beat, but I can't I have both just once? I don't want the only reason the Marlins are getting attention to be that our pitcher went a triple short of the cycle.

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