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Dumbest Poem Ever


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Guest marlins02

oh how...romantic

yeah i know, it always works out to an extent. but one day though ill eat those ribs with a woman sitting across from me

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one (a leaf falls) one liness



how is that bad? ... leafs falling ... which could prolly mean its during autumm, which is the most emotional of all seasons... a leaf falling coule mean the separation of what was once attached to you, and now its wasted away.


the way it was written could mean the way that he felt, like he wanted the reader to decipher the content of it ... the fact that he was alone but didnt wanna just show it at first glance.


Maybe he feels like the leaf ... which is falling, to nothing, to dry up and die... or maybe he's the tree that lost something.

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from ee cummings


















Is this guy friggin' stupid? I swear, how is that considered art?

actually look it a little longer ... the poem starts with the number 1 ... which is a lonely number of course.... than towards the middle he spells the word ONE again... singularity.



give it some thought, its more imagery than actual word usage.


its awesome

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know, it is not. I know what the poem means, but it isn't that earth shattering.


Is this a poem?
















No! I get the meaning behind the poem, but it surely not the work of genius. Okay, a leaf falls alone, he feels alone, and he uses the number "one", a lonely number. Big whoop. I cannot believe people know and LIKE this poem and not other far greater pieces of literature.

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yeah but did you come up with it ... no



thats the beauty of it ... its like art ... it could be as simple as a bycicle handle on a bycicle chair, together they form a bulls head .... thats really really simple, picasso did that ... is he not a genious? ...and you cant come up with it, you can say ohh i can do that, but you didn't

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No, here's the problem: the poem isn't that deep. Okay, he's lonely. BIG WHOOP. Anyone who considers this a great piece of art must not have good taste. He was probably drunk, sad, alone, and wrote it in 20 seconds. This would explain every aspect of the poem (it's organization, it's message, and it's mentioning of his emotions feeling like a falling leaf).


The work is therefore not genius, it is the dumbest well reknowned poem ever. If you want to read poetry about loneliness, life and death, and such that are actually DEEP, try reading Walt Whitman. 1)a is a piece of crap because it really doesn't mean all that much.


You guys can disagree with me, but please, how is this poem deep? At all? Should a man's drunken rambling be considered art?

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