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Game thoughts from last night

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Well I made it out alive and kickin and with a Mike Redmond foul ball to boot. So that was a good time. Their new stadium is nice...maybe a little too nice because a lot of people we're gettin food and not payin attention to the game.


Before the game I was talkin with Brad because the Phillies fans were gettin on him and I told him to show them his world series ring since they wont see one in an awful long time. He laughed and said wait until i get two. Then I asked Carl how Alyssa was in bed and he laughed and continued his sprints. Justin was a hit with the crowd and he signed these two girls baseballs and I think put his number on there cause they were giggling and calling their friends afterwards


With regards to the game....


1) Pierre is back being the pest of a leadoff hitter that he is. If he and Luis can be the pests that they are then we'll be cake.


2) Cabby scares me in rightfield because this one he dropped was in the nighttime and he just took a bad angle to it.


3) Chad Fox is $$$. Don't know why the Sox got rid of him. His slider is amazing because everyone knows its comin and they still can't hit it.


4) I dont care if Armando is 32-32 in save opportunities, every time he busts out of that door, my heart will still race and I will still expect the worst.


5) The section i sat in featured at least 5 or 6 marlins fans which was great. I wasnt the only one getting verbally abused by the mongrels.


Good times last night...We'll be in dead leftfield tonight for game two of the series.

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