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Met the Rocket today

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After Conine's jack I went to meet some friends at this tex-mex restaurant for food and drinks and just so happened to see Mr 4-0 this season, Roger Clemens. The guy is HUGE. Just said hi, he sneared when he saw my marlins hat and told him we only are the best after we beat the best.

Nothing spectular but thought it was pretty cool. A couple of other Astros players that I can't name with him and their really hot blondie wifes or girlfriends.

Now I'm really pissed at myself for not having a camera handy.

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My roommate is a really rich kid from Houston who lives near the Clemens. Apparently his kids and wife hate their dad. Rumors are he is a huge a**hole to them and extremley demanding.

Interesting. Never heard that but whose to say? well wouldnt his wife have divorced yet? ok then again the man has like 3847343 million in his bank account ....

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