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Heartbreaking loses, but not too bad

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Very tough loses to swallow, but 3-4 in the road is not too bad considering that the Fish has always struggled on the West.


On the other hand, Atlanta dropped 4 and won 2 on the same trip.


Hopefuly we can recover and win big at home. Anything less than 2 out of 3 against the Dodgers will be a big dissapointment.

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Any time that you go into Coors and come away with a series win the trip is succesful. I mean come on, how many of us expected to even win a game in Coors, let alone the series, and the Giants, are well, the Giants and we always have trouble at Pac Bell/SBC.



The road trip IMO was very succesful. :thumbup

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We ran into a buzzsaw in San Francisco.


The team was about to disappear into obscurity, save BB, and to their credit they came out fighting, got the taste of victory and today moved in for the kill.


That's what happened in SF.


This long weekend really was frustrating because 3 of the four games were ours to have. There's 135 games or so left, best to put this behind them and regroup here Tuesday. It's impossible to believe Admin Beinfest isn't trying to do something to replace at least Chad Fox. As Jack says all the time, bad things happen when you start playing people out of position.


You can complain all you want about shoddy umpiring, and there certainly was alot of that this weekend, lucky breaks, unlucky bounces, and the rest, but the facts are the team has to look within itself on the flight home and recommit to playing fundamentally sound baseball, something they didn't do in SF.


I have one personal comment about a player, Alex Gonzalez. He has to learn to deal with the pressure cooker that is MLB. Sea Bass is back. That sullen, "I'm so unhappy" thing has got to go or you have to go. I can put up with an eight month slump, but d*mmit I'm so sick of looking at those facial expressions I wanna boo him next week at PPS.


I won't of course because no one in South Florida ever boos one of their own. Besides it would be bad form in front of my kid, but even he is ready to throw in the towel on AG.


Bunt for chrissakes, do something. Start contributing.


LA is hot (literally and figuratively) right now and we need to be hotter. let's see what a long plane ride and a day off does.

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I know what u mean about Alex. I'm tired of seeing him look so frustrated at the plate, he's always being so negative and it seems like he's always mad. He has the ability to hit, he just hasn't found it, and that attitude isn't going tp help him...

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