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Another decision for Perisho


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Pitch one pitch, get a win. Pretty nice.


At 3-2, Perisho has as many decisions as every starter except Oliver (he tops Oliver who has only 3).

It's called being at the right place at the right time.


I believe all three of Perisho's wins were when he faced a single batter.

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He had 2 wins after just 6 pitches...and our starters have been getting a lot of no decisions because we have only been scoring runs during the beg. of the game a lot of times...and our bullpen has been giving up a lot of runs...so what happens a lot of times is that we score runs early and we get the lead than later we have to take our starting pitchers out of the game and we have to bring in someone from our bullpen which hasnt been so good and so they give up the lead and thus our starter gets a no decision and the decision goes to someone in the bullpen.

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It's funny hwo McKeon always manages to bring in Perisho when we REALLY need an out bad and he always seems to deliver on one pitch. He is not a dominant pitcher but for soem reason the other team is compelled to swing at the first pitch when Perisho comes in.


Even more impressive this is always against LEFTIES...check out his stats vs Lefties..


3 W 2 L

0.00 ERA

14 G

3.2 IP

4 SO

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I never really get to see him pitch so much because evertime he comes in he gets taken out right away....a lot of times its because he only came in to face one left handed batter...and he always comes in-in key situations....we could do much better if he always pitched good...we need someone in the bullpen who we can really rely on.

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