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What do you think our lineup would be...

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This is pointless but I am dreaming and I got tired of the Lee and Pudge thread :p

This should be very interesting to see because If we had gotten those two, we would have some good heavy hitters on the team.


1. CF Juan Pierre

2. 2B Luis Castillo

3. 3B Mike Lowell

4. RF Vladimir Guerrero

5. C Javy Lopez

6. LF Miguel Cabrera

7. 1B Jeff Conine

8. SS Alex Gonzalez

9. Pitcher


We have some POP at 6 and 7 with Cabs and Cabrera. I think they would keep Cabs in LF where he played most of last year and since Vlad would be in RF move Conine to 1B to replace Choi. Wow, now that would be nice, but again I am living in a dream world :hat

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ummm...and imagine what our starting rotation would have been if we signed Pettite and Clemens.








Then we'd have Benitez, Fox, Willis and Pavano in the pen.


zzzz...I agree, shut it down. Why is this even on someones mind right now?

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Guest Juanky

Well, I don't think we would have had both. It probably would have meant:


CF- Pierre

2B- Castillo

RF- Vlad

3B- Mikey

LF- Cabs

1B- Choi/Conine

C- Castro/Red

SS- Gonzalez


Cordero would have never been signed (possibly no DO either), but everything else probably would have stayed the same. Yeah it would have been fun but the past is passed.

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Imagine if we signed Benitez, Vlad, Javy, Clemens and Pettitte. And resigned Pudge and Urbina. And got A-Rod and Todd Helton for Derrek Lee and Juan Encarnacion.



CF Pierre

C Pudge

SS A-Rod

RF Vlad

3B Lowell

LF Helton

1B Cabrera

2B Luiy (He obviously sucks, he's had a bad few weeks this year)


SP Clemens

SP Pettitte

SP Beckett

SP Penny

SP Pavano

RP Willis, Benitez, Urbina, Looper, Redman, Fox



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